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Means Test Numbers Change

The Median Income numbers for the State of Wisconsin used in determining whether a debtor is allowed to file their bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and to determine monthly disposable income and length of plan options in Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases have gone up as follows. A 1 person household has gone from $48,407 up to $48,521. A 2 person household has increased from $62,914 to $63739. A 3 person household has changed from $76,179 to $76,378. The biggest change came in the 4 person household which went from $89,245 to $93,500, a significant increase of $4,255. For each person in the household over 4, an additional $8,400 is added. That number has not changed. The above changes in median income went into effect on 11/1/2017 for purposes of the bankruptcy means test.